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ПИСАТЕЛ: Isaac Asimov
ISBN: 9780525616610


A landmark of science fiction's "Golden Age," Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy--which comprises the novels Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation - has long been regarded a visionary masterpiece whose astonishing historical scope perfectly conveys science fiction's sense of wonder.First published as a cycle of stories in the 1940s and '50s, Asimov's iconic trilogy has endured to become, like the author himself, a legend of science fiction.Set in the far future, Foundation envisions a Galactic Empire that has thrived for 12,000 years, but whose decline into an age of barbarism lasting some thirty millennia is imminent - if the predictions of renegade psycho-historian Hari Seldon are accurate.Hoping to shorten the interval of this impending new Dark Age, Seldon convinces the Empire's Commission of Public Safety to allow him enact a diversionary plan - one full of surprising subterfuges and intrigues intended to create and protect a Foundation on which the future Empire will be erected.Foundation and Empire advances the story farther into the future, in which a technologically advanced Foundation triumphs over attacking forces of the collapsing Empire. Yet even as the Foundation emerges valiantly, in fulfillment of Hari Seldon's scheme, at the far corners of the Empire a powerful mutant, whose existence was never accounted for in Seldon's projections, emerges to overwhelm the Foundation and establish his own tyrannical version of the Empire.In Second Foundation, a new Second Foundation, whose whereabouts have been kept secret from the original Foundation for safety's sake, asserts itself as the true fulfillment of Hari Seldon's plans for the Empire--and thereby pits itself against a Foundation resentful of its usurped authority.

...hich covers a span of about 550 years. It consists of seven volumes that are closely linked to each other, although they can be read separately ... The Trilogy Foundation ... . This public domain radio show was downloaded from Each section time mark is listed below. The Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov Full Version Dramatized Science Fiction, SF Radio Show. Isaac Asimov's The Foundation Trilogy is a work designed on an astonishing scale. The actions it describes cover more than four centuries and many solar systems. This, however, is only a ... Free download or read online The ... Foundation (TV Series 2021- ) - IMDb ... . The actions it describes cover more than four centuries and many solar systems. This, however, is only a ... Free download or read online The Foundation Trilogy pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of the novel was published in 1953, and was written by Isaac Asimov. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 679 pages and is available in Paperback format. The main characters of this science fiction, fiction story are Hari Seldon, Salvor Hardin. The Trilogy Foundation. A foundation that aims to recognize the need in our communities during times of tragedy, natural disaster and poverty. Our goal is to restore those communities and individuals affected by these events and then work on providing the strength and energy to revive and recover. The Foundation Trilogy (2020) - оферти с цени, най-евтино 51,30 лв. Виж онлайн магазини за Книги с намаления, описания, оценки и коментари. Цени в Лв за The Foundation Trilogy (2020) и пълна характеристика. Changes from the written Trilogy: The conflict between The Foundation and Anacreon takes place 70 years into the Foundation era; in the novels it occurs at 80 F.E. A small segment in Foundation titled "Traders" has been removed entirely. General editing for time has been done throughout. FOUNDATION begins a new chapter in the story of man's future. As the Old Empire crumbles into barbarism throughout the million worlds of the galaxy, Hari Seldon and his band of psychologists must create a new entity, the Foundation-dedicated to art, science, and technology-as the beginning of a new empire. The Trilogy Foundation is dependent upon the charitable giving of our outside sponsors along with our Trilogy, Paragon and PCA employees. Over 60% of our employees donate through payroll deduction (Opportunity Needs Everyone Campaign).In addition to the Foundation employee programs, the Trilogy employee programs, the Trilogy Foundation also helps organize two annual charity drives (Hope for ... The Foundation Trilogy is an epic science fiction series written over a span of forty-four years by Isaac Asimov. It consists of seven volumes that are closely linked to each other, although they can be read separately. The fifth novel in Isaac Asimov's classic science-fiction masterpiece, the Foundation series Golan Trevize, former Councilman of the First Foundation, has chosen the future, and it is Gaia. A superorganism, Gaia is a holistic planet with a common consciousness so intensely united that every d...